WORLDWIDE MONKS. The strenght to look like graceful.

Istantanea 2013-02-15 00-43-39

Photo Copyright Alessandro Cingolani for Travel Blog&Co.

When we look at monks, any kind of monks, we ask ourself how and where do they find the strenght to look like so graceful, in their glances, in their gestures. How do they find the sources to live apparently without any source, but God. How do they bear the hectic life around them, so far from the quiet life inside themselves. We love their dresses. We mean: every kind of monk dress. Western and Eastern. We love their simple and basic colours. We love their being minimal in everyhing they do. We love their fortitude, their daily fighting-without-fighting this crazy nowadays life. It must be very tough and hard. We saw this monk in Bangkok and couldn’t help taking this shot. 


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