PUPPETS&CO. Travel memories or travel-mates?

Istantanea 2013-02-14 23-52-07

Photo Copyright Alessandro Cingolani for Travel Blog&Co.

Every time we travel, we try to grab a travel memory. For the record, a travel memory is something (an object) you see somewhere you’re visiting and regarding that you say: I’d like to get it home. For example: we love wooden coloured puppets. Sometimes, that object becomes a travel-mate, also, if you purchase it at the beginning of your trip. Anyway, as a matter of fact, we’ve got to admit our home has become a sort of travel-correlative-objectives (… do you remember T. S. Eliot or E. Montale?) holder. ¬†Every object links us to a trip, recalls a place we visited. We personally think this should be the mood of every traveller’s home. We mean both objects and interiors. Looking at worldwide interiors takes new suggestions, that we try to put (somehow) into our daily spaces, once come back. A traveller should be recognized by his home too. It’s not important the home size, it’s only important if you feel your elsewhere inside and all around you everyday, in your travel-correlative-objectives.


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