ZOO creative space. Bologna, Italy. Ideas zoo.

Photo copyright Costanza Fabbri for TravelBlog
ZOO is a project by Rebecca Fosser, Lucia Principe, Elisa Delogu, Noemi Bermani e Paola Parenti. A new creative space located in the heart of Bologna, inside a marvellous historical building. ZOO is about food design, textile design, children publishing/illustration, children handcrafts workshops, children graphic arts gallery. At ZOO you’ll find design and aesthetic research everywhere, from cupcakes to children handcrafted clothes, picture books, toys. ZOO has opened on Feb 22: now you can enjoy its section dedicated to amazing clothes and children books, along with their linked workshops, whilst the kitchen will be opening only in Sept.

Photos Copyright Costanza Fabbri for TravelBlog&Co.

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