LOCANDA DEI BARONI Pension, Camaldoli (Arezzo), Italy. Green peace (of heart).

locanda baroni2

Photo agriturismo-on-line.com

In the heart of Casentino Forest (Tuscany, Italy), Camaldoli (near Arezzo), with its thousand-year-old cenobitic monastery, is a place of rest, peace, faith, nature, silence (excepting in the Summer Sundays…). The monks let you join their praying daylife, as far as possible. The nature hugs you, with the woods, the wild animals, the pedestrian and biking paths, the streams… Where spirituality meets nature… This is Camaldoli. Come here and stay at Locanda dei Baroni, a perfect mix of simplicity and grace. Try camaldolese products, made by the monks theirselves: from the pharmacy herbal products to the cookies, the jams and so on (the list is very long…)… Come and visit the ancient historical pharmacy, the monastery and  the hermitage, with their precious artworks. Come and pray with the monks. Come and explore the woods. Come and seat by the streams.  Come and taste the delicious Tuscany food, such as the traditional “schiacciata” and “pecorino” cheese. Once experienced Camaldoli, it’s hard not to come back again and again.


locanda baroni

Photo agriturismo-on-line.com


Photo bottegadelmonastero.it

Monastero di Camaldoli


Photo parks.it


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