THE CHINESE HOUSE in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Colonial and cool.


Photo Copyright

For those who love (like me) the Colonial Style , for those who’re asking what to do at the dinner time in Phnom Penh: go to the Chinese House. You have to. It’s a very cute (… and cool) place, hosting an art gallery (downstairs) and a restaurant (upstairs).  The Chinese House is an historical building very well preserved, which combines the French colonial style with the Chinese tradition. It’s in the French area of Phnom Penh and faces the Tonle Sap river, just nearby the container port. Everything inside recalls the colonial age: from the doors, to the tiles on the floors, to the pilars. When we entered this place, we felt like in a Twenties movie set in Indochine. We had just a drink on the sofas, but we still remember very well the big, so charming rooms and the soft music all around us.


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